Prosciutto of Happiness!

This July 4th week, join us as we celebrate La Quercia, the American producer of many fine cured pork products. We know what you’re thinking… Parma is king! And while we agree that the traditional Italian has it’s place on your charcuterie plate, we’re consistently impressed by our neighbors from Iowa.

La Quercia’s Prosciutto Rossa is a Berkshire breed, raised at Eden Farms, is a deep red, with deep umami flavors to match. Speck is smoked over Applewood, like bacon, adding another layer of flavor. Speaking of bacon, have you tried the Tamworth Smoked Pancetta yet? We think it makes for an outstanding German-style potato salad. We also can’t get enough of Coppa, a cured meat much like prosciutto, but the easy-sharing size of a salami. Ask for a taste and join us as we declare Ham Independence!

Greene GrapeProsciutto of Happiness!