Stay Cool-atello

Considered the king of Italian deli meats, Culatello, made from the lower-fat rear muscle of well-fed pigs, is flying out of our charcuterie case. Salumeria Biellese, a producer based right here in NYC, has mastered the process, traditionally made only in Parma, Italy, in their NJ plant. With the Slow Food USA’s snail of approval, you know these Berkshire pigs were raised with care, and their meat treated with love and respect.

Culatello is aged much like Prosciutto, cured with salt and spices, and allowed to age in humid caves for at least 6 months to over a year. The flavor – nutty, sweet and salty, bursting with umami. The texture, a bit dryer than prosciutto, with a satisfying chew. Enjoy like other cured meats, alongside cheeses and fruit, or add a few slices to a sandwich.

Greene GrapeStay Cool-atello