Tasting Friday, 4pm: DF Mavens

We’ve got a secret that our vegan and dairy-free customers will wish we kept to ourselves.  Dairy Free ice cream doesn’t have to be boring!

DF Mavens, a new-ish dessert producer based out of Queens, NY, has just started taking over our ice cream freezer. When we tasted their soy- and coconut-based products, we had such a hard time picking flavors that we ended up with 4! The creamy and smooth soy based flavors, New Orleans Praline and Sicilian Hazelnut are packed with crunchy, sweet nuts with honest flavors.

For those who avoid soy, we also chose two of their coconut based flavors, Alphonso Mango and Key Lime Creme. The Mango is so pure, you’ll think you were biting straight into the fresh fruit, and the Key Lime has a (gluten free!) graham cracker crunch to balance out the tart.

We invite you to taste their new line with us this Friday, from 4-7!

Greene GrapeTasting Friday, 4pm: DF Mavens