Catching Up

You may or may not have had the experience of being at a barbecue this past weekend and reaching for the ketchup, only to find the bottle spent, exhausted, squeezed within an inch of its life, desperately dripping syrupy spots onto your burger but direly failing to bring the flavor you deserve.

Well hopefully not. But since summer is officially warming up, we’d like to recommend that you roll up to Provisions for a Sir Kensington’s tasting. Sir Kensington’s understands that flavor is everything in a ketchup or a mayonnaise, and that when done properly, the spread should be strong enough that a little bit goes a long way.

Made from vine-ripened tomatoes and gobsmacking blends of vinegars and spices, the taste of their stuff will stay with you until Labor Day – and beyond. They’ll be at Provisions from 4-6pm this Thursday. 

Greene GrapeCatching Up