Introducing: The White Moustache

While Greek yogurt is still super trendy right now, we couldn’t resist making a little room on the shelf for something a little more creative. The White Moustache Yogurt is new to Brooklyn, a microbatch producer of old-world technique Greek and Persian styles of the thick stuff.

Starting Friday, they’ll be on the shelves. We’ve invited the producer, Homa, to share her yogurts with you, in a FREE tasting this Sunday, 1-3pm!

Available in lovely glass jars that showcase how special these are, their yogurts are made from Hudson Valley Fresh milk and live probiotics, without thickeners, salt, sugar or extra cream, like some other brands. We’re excited to launch their brand with 3 varieties – the uber-thick, pure Greek, The Kiss – Greek yogurt sweetened with Orange Blossom Honey and hand-chopped walnuts. The third is Moosir, their Persian style, which is a little less strained, and accented with imported Iranian shallots. This last one is more like a tzatziki, perfect for drizzling over fish or chicken, dipping into with pita chips, or for those of you who prefer a more savory yogurt experience. We think you’ll love them all!

Greene GrapeIntroducing: The White Moustache