Veggie Delight

With Spring comes the desire to lighten up a bit, and we’ve brought in a handful of new vegan “meats” that will please the palate. Based in Chicago, Upton’s Naturals offers seitan, made from wheat gluten. The Traditional variety is perfect for mixing into nearly any recipe, with a great chewy texture and a flavor that takes well to any sauce, just like chicken. But Upton’s one-upped themselves, introducing a hickory smoke infused Bacon Seitan. It crisps up nicely pan-fried in oil, but when there’s only 1.5g of fat in each serving, it’s practically a guilt-free indulgence.

If it’s burgers you’re looking for, check out the freezer case. We chose two flavors from Hilary’s Eat Well, Worlds Best Burger, and a spicy Adzuki Bean. Both are made from high protein grains quinoa and millet, vegetables and spices, and contain no soy, gluten or dairy. With a quick pan sear, these crisp up in mere minutes, yet stay soft and satisfying inside. These come 2 to a pack in a nifty minimal package, perfect for a quick protein boost at any time of day.

Greene GrapeVeggie Delight