Wild, Hungarian, Not Boring

Looking for some last-minute Easter pork? You’re in luck: from the wilds of New Jersey, an extremely rare and legendary pig has entered into the Provisions hall of fame – the mangalitsa. These furry, succulent fellers are dense with flavor and fat, making for perfectly marbled prosciutto and hocks. (The name “mangalitsa” literally translates to “pig with a lot of lard”, but it’s good lard – high in oleic acids.)

Our butchers have a little mangalitsa pork in stock, but don’t wait – it will probably be gone before the weekend’s end! (And if you’re looking for a wine to go with it, try that Anomaly pinot noir from North Fork – tasting from 6pm to 8pm at the wine store.)

Greene GrapeWild, Hungarian, Not Boring