New Dairy Round-Up

Poke around our tiny store, and you might notice a bunch of new products on the shelves. In the dairy case, Ray’s Seitan is a hearty wheat-meat, chewy in texture, yet crisps up nicely when pan fried in oil or butter. Even if you’re an omnivore, this Seitan is a wonderful way to cut back on your meat intake while bulking up the protein in a meal. We’ve cooked it with a little bacon and once the flavors meld, we can hardly tell the difference between the bites.

You might also notice Sfoglini Fresh Pasta! We’re the sole retailer for their fresh version, which cooks up in under 5 minutes, ready to hoist your favorite sauce, cheese or butter. Speaking of butter, we’ve got Evans Farmhouse Creamery Butter, lightly salted, in bulk, so you can be sure it’s the absolute freshest. Naturally bright yellow, a sign that these cows are munching on fresh, organic grass, which lends a slightly herbal note to the clean, silky sweet flavor.

Grab all 3 new items, and toss in your favorite fresh veggies, for the perfect springtime dinner!

Greene GrapeNew Dairy Round-Up