Angoris Schioppettino 2010

Join us at the wine store Saturday from 5-7pm to sample Angoris Schioppettino 2010

We’re so excited about the deal we got on the Angoris Schioppettino 2010 ($19.50), a wine that normally retails for over $30, we’re releasing it a week before Easter, though if you can wait, it would make a stellar wine for your holiday table. Deals like this are getting harder and harder to find because importers have become more precise in their ordering and don’t have to sell at cost as often.  However, the combination of an obscure grape and the producer changing importers gave us a unique opportunity to revisit the good old days.

Angoris Schioppettino 2010 is a medium-bodied red from the rare Schioppettino (“ski-ohp-pet-tee-no”) grape, which produces deep, complex wines with alluring aromatic richness.  The grape inspired such passion in Friuli, Italy, that producers banded together to get it reestablished at great cost after economic and agricultural conditions 40 years ago drove it to the brink of extinction.  With an appealing, rustic earthiness, silky dark fruits and a finish filled with savory, peppery spice, it will pair well with spring lamb, brisket or ham.

We have only 10 cases on hand through the holiday.  To reserve your bottle, call us at (718) 797-9463.

Greene GrapeAngoris Schioppettino 2010