A pasta brand grows in Brooklyn

When we heard that Sfoglini Pasta Shop had set up just down the road in Bed-Stuy, we knew we had to have a taste. We’d heard that the chef at Sfoglini has some 14+ years of pasta making experience at some of the most revered restaurants around Brooklyn, Philly and Italy, but ultimately, taste and texture mattered most. Our staff shared a variety of shapes, and we were smitten.

Using traditional bronze dies, and simply organic semolina and water, Sfoglini extrudes small batches of fresh pasta. We loved the short shapes, and started with Zucca, or “open pumpkin” which is a nice big cup to hold onto your thick meat sauces, or peas and fresh ricotta, or bacon lardons, or… well, you get the picture. We’ll rotate through strands and shapes, so we promise you won’t get bored. In our dairy case now!

Greene GrapeA pasta brand grows in Brooklyn