Hecho en Queens

We’ve got a lot of wonderful products from Kings County, but from Queens, not so much. What better way to welcome in our neighbors than with fresh corn tortillas from Tortilleria Nixtamal?

Made in Corona, Queens, these tortillas are served at many wonderful restaurants and institutions around the city, including Yankee Stadium! Now they can be enjoyed at home in any way you can imagine. Their non-GMO and non-transgenic corn comes from Illinois, as Nixtamal believes in preserving the healthiness of all-natural foods. Their tortillas are designed to enhance the flavor of the rest of the ingredients, resulting in a delicate corn flavor, with a slight sweet and nutty finish.

If you can’t get ’em while they’re still warm at delivery time, we’ll save a few in the freezer, so that you can enjoy them at your leisure. We recommend you check out the meat counter for something to cook low and slow, grate a little cotija or Beehive Smoked Cheddar, and top it off with fresh Pico de Gallo from our produce fridges, but we’re sure you’ll come up with hundreds of unique ways to use these Tortillas.

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