Sausagebowl XLVII

The Superbowl is on Sunday; an estimated 110,000,000 people will be watching. That said, we’re all about individuality here at the Greene Grape. Thus, our butcher Jake has dropped a line on the mouth-watering bevy of different sausages the meat department has put together to guarantee customer victory, regardless of who you actually want to win. (Put another way: you’ll be eating crow if you don’t pick one of these up, regardless of whether or not you’re rooting for the Ravens.)

Choose from Philly cheesesteak patty, perfect for topping on nachos, made with shortrib, peppers, onions, provolone, swiss and cheddar;  taco sausage made with pork, jalapeno, pepperjack and cilantro; good ol’ Merguez; homemade chorizo with a hint of tequila; rabbit parmigiano; or rabbit bratwurst.

Greene GrapeSausagebowl XLVII