It’s A Cheese!

It’s Friday afternoon. If you are, as always, trying to figure out what you’ll need for the kitchen this weekend, Fort Cheese is proud to announce a brand new batch of mozzarella. We’ve been making the stuff for years, but what’s new – and what’s got our cheesemongerer Pam especially excited here – is the rigorously taste-tested curd, from Antonio Mozzarella Factory in New Jersey. The mozzarella we make is RBGH-free and locally sourced, with extra-premium milk from the dairy cooperative at Jersey Fresh. That means, yes, the fat content is a little higher – it also means the stuff is silky-smooth, tastes delicious and comes from a sustainable place.

The new mozzarella goes for $10.99 a pound at Provisions, and warm samples are available. Stay tuned for tasting details!

Greene GrapeIt’s A Cheese!