Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cupcakes at Annex!


In our rigorously scientific, humble, 101{0886acb4f5be58b49bf4e022446f4168c3918f2aad77c1481cecb92c8f2156f3} unbiased opinions, it’s hard to zero in on just one pastry from the Annex kitchen.

But on the recommendation of a gluten-free friend (plus the head pastry chef), we’d like you to consider stopping by this exceptionally brisk weekend for one of our delicious Pumpkin Cupcakes. For a place traditionally steeped in butter, flour and sugar, gluten-free baking was a dicey proposition at first, but your correspondent watched agog as a new batch was made with organic pumpkin puree, a dash of cinnamon, almond flour and topped with roasted pistachio nuts. Of course the two in the photo are lonely – all the rest were gone by 4PM.

Greene GrapeGluten-Free Pumpkin Cupcakes at Annex!