Baby Ginger!

Latest on the shelves: fresh ginger from The Good Life Farm. This ginger is harvested young and uncured, so keep it in the refrigerator, or freeze what you won’t use in the next 10 days. Instead of the pungent, dominating taste that is associated with the root, this locally grown ginger has a fresh, mild flavor that allows it to be shaved in liberal quantities on salads, boiled to make a delightful tea, and used for juicing or cooking. No need to peel; the beautiful, pink, tender skin is ready to be eaten, and will ease digestion and give your immune system an extra boost. The Good Life Farm is a Certified Organic farm in the Fingerlakes region of upstate New York, powered by draft horses, solar energy and two amazing, brilliant farmers. Pick up a fresh root in the refrigerated section of the produce aisle, and let us know how you enjoyed it!

Greene GrapeBaby Ginger!