Homegrown Tomatoes

Everyone can agree: the taste of a store-bought tomato will never come close to that of the one grown in your backyard, ripened on the vine by the hot summer sun. And it’s no wonder; most tomatoes are picked green and chemically treated to turn red as they travel long distances in a truck. Well, now at Provisions, you can have your tomato and eat it too. We are proud to supply beautiful, ripe, heirloom tomatoes (Green Zebras, Glaciers, Cosmonaut, Orange blossom, and the lovely irredescent Violet Jasper) from Feedback Farms on 4th ave and Boerum st, just a few blocks away! Feedback Farms

is a not-for-profit fiscally sponsored project by IOBY that takes vacant lots and, with the consent of private landowners or the city, transforms them into part of a distributed farm network and urban farming research and educational project, thus growing affordable, fresh, organic, vegetables for the community, while educating urbanites about local food and food systems. So stop by Provisions and indulge in that homegrown tomato taste, harvested just hours ago, hand delivered by the farmer herself, and still warm from the Brooklyn sun!

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