As Local as It Gets

Provisions is proud to stock its shelves with produce grown less than a mile from the store. The Brooklyn Grange Navy Yard Organic Rooftop Farm (just up the street!) covers 45,000 square feet of otherwise unused rooftop space, and – in addition to supporting vegetable production to supply numerous restaurants and a thriving CSA program – is a critical player in managing over one million gallons of the city’s storm water each year, which helps reduce stress on the city’s waste water system. Provisions carries a spectacular Bitter Salad Mix from the Brooklyn Grange – containing Mizuna, Ruby Streaks, Mustard Greens, Mixed Lettuces, Beet Greens and Tat Soi. Excellent with a light dressing, this could very well be the freshest, healthiest purchase you make all day!

Check out the Brooklyn Grange online, and stay posted for more local products coming to Provisions.


Greene GrapeAs Local as It Gets