Adega Moncao Vinho Verde Muralhas 2011 – El Verde Verdad

The UK is the second-largest importer of Portuguese wine* so a column from the purple priestess of London’s Financial Times, Jancis Robinson, on that topic is of particular note.  This past Sunday, she singled out vinho verde from the Adega de Moncão for particular praise.  A cooperative nestled in the “prized subregion” of Moncão, their wine were favorably familiar to Mike, so we were on the ‘case’ (so to speak).

When we looked which of the coop’s vinho verdes was available in the US, the importer’s online catalogue appeared to only have the 2010 vintage of the Muralhas cuvee in stock. Curious. Vinho Verde is one of those fresh, fizzy wines for which a current vintage is crucial. Mike’s spider sense tingled (and not from the refreshing effervescence of a good vinho verde).  He knew the importer’s reputation for quality was flawless.  It just didn’t add up.  So we made a call. Nope, the home office confirmed, the computer says 2010.  We have 2010.

Something still smelled fishy (unlike the fantastic fresh fish at Provisions that would go great just off the grill with a glass of good vinho verde).  So Mike called his personal contact at the importer.  An hour later, he called back from a sidewalk cafe, having solved the mystery over a delicious, cold glass of the2011 Vinho Verde. Turns out, the importer hadn’t updated his label from the last vintage. The official label from the regional authority certifying quality and vintage correctly states 2011. The truth always comes out!

Adega de Moncão 2011 Vinho Verde Muralhas, $12 a bottle ($10.20 in a mixed or full case). 10 cases in stock.  To order yours, call us at (718) 797-9463.

*The first?  Would you have guessed Angola?  Es la verdad.

Greene GrapeAdega Moncao Vinho Verde Muralhas 2011 – El Verde Verdad