Dairy Delights, Minus The Cow

When we think of dairy products – milk, yogurt, cheese – our beautiful friend Bessy typically comes to mind. It is true that most of our dairy items at the Grape come from the bovine beauties of upstate New York (tried the Battenkill Milk yet?) and our surrounding areas. For some of us, however, other types of milk can be easier to digest. For others, a bit more tang is desirable. If this sounds like you, look no further than the dairy section at Provisions for a fine selection of non-bovine dairy products. If you’re looking for a bit of bite in your morning cereal, try Albert’s Fresh Goat Milk or Redwood Hill Goat Yogurt. We’ve also just started carrying Old Chatham’s rich sheep’s milk yogurt (the strawberry Rhubarb flavor is highly recommended!).¬†Some of you may be looking to cut out milk all together – not to worry, you can still enjoy ZenSoy’s individually packed Chocolate Soy Milk, or WholeSoy’s soy milk yogurt. We’ve got Rice Dream rice milk and Pacific Almond Milk over in our grocery section, and keep your eyes open for almond milk yogurt, coming soon!

Greene GrapeDairy Delights, Minus The Cow