Feliz Cinco de Derby!

We like to get into the mood here at the Grape, and what better way to soak up some of that Tequila and Bourbon than with some great food??

May 5th is the unofficial start to Queso Fresco season here, and Narragansett makes a darn tasty one! Made from great, all-natural milk in Rhode Island, their Fresco is indeed fresh and delicate, with a rich, buttery flavor. Crumble over some fresh Corn, or our housemade Pico de Gallo and Guacamole! We’re also excited about our new Tamales!!! From Barry’s Tempeh, these are unbelievably vegan, light and fluffy and stuffed with Tempeh flavored with Salsa Verde or Mole.

If Bourbon’s in your cup, you can’t go wrong with cheese! Cabot Clothbound Cheddar is a natural match, and we think Tarentaise, Vintage 5 year Gouda, and¬†Nancy’s Camembert would be amazing. Our newest blue, Middlebury Blue from Blue Ledge Farm, would be divine, too!

Greene GrapeFeliz Cinco de Derby!