Busy Butchers

Our butchers are always creating new flavor profiles to jazz up our sausages, beginning with fresh Arcadian Pastures pork. When Matthew put out his first batch of Banh Mi sausages, they flew out of the case! Pork belly is given a Vietnamese twist with pickled carrots, cilantro, scallions and sriracha.  If sweet is your desire, the Breakfast Sausage patties, punctuated with caramelized apple, bacon and of course, Vermont maple syrup is perfection.

In the front of their case, you’ll see some mini jars, filled with our meaty concoctions. Bacon Jam, made with d’Artagnan bacon and Oslo coffee, is awesome served with cheese, spread on bread, or topping a burger, if you dare. And Marrow Butter, well, we’re sure you can think of a way to enjoy without just eating it all straight from the jar. You’ll also be excited to know we’re making moist and flavorful Duck Leg Confit.  The butchers like to share their creations with the Charcuterie team, and so you’ll find our Housemade Terrine, usually a blend of duck livers and meat, pork, and accented with Calvados and fresh herbs. Order by the lb or the inch!  And if you have any special requests, or need a large amount for a party, just let us know a few days in advance!

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