The Return of Lake’s Edge

For us, Spring isn’t officially here until Lake’s Edge is back in our cheese case, and so it is!

Handcrafted at Blue Ledge Farm by cheesemakers Hannah and Greg Sessions, these are made from pure, fresh goat’s milk, and shaped into wheels around 1.5 lbs (the perfect size to serve at your Easter dinner).  Snowy white due to a lack of beta carotene in the milk – a phenomenon which only occurs in goat’s milk – they contain a layer of vegetable charcoal through the center as well as just under the enveloping bloomy rind for a touch of drama.

Lake’s Edge is pasteurized, yet its flaky center melts in your mouth like cotton candy. Beneath the rind, though, lies a creamy dreamy layer of softer, near-liquid cheese, making it a joy to taste through the strata.  These wheels are aged just long enough to create depth in flavor, but still remain fresh and lemony, becoming mushroomy and savory near the rind.

Other cheeses that have returned for this spring: Blue Ledge Crottina, a mini version of Lakes Edge, sans the charcoal, and Capriole Sofia, a 1lb brick of similarly ashed goat’s cheese with less of a distinct rind and can be sliced in squares.  Each would be a stunning addition to your spring time holiday cheese plates!

Greene GrapeThe Return of Lake’s Edge