The Brief but Heralded Return of a Store Favorite

Join us tonight, Friday March 30 from 6-8pm to taste Danjean-Berthoux Burgundy Rouge 2010 ($17.50)!

Based on bang for the buck, the Danjean-Berthoux Burgundy Rouge 2010 was already a store favorite even before the Wall Street Journal called the 2010 vintage of Burgundy “the last vintage of exceptional quality that remains within the boundaries of affordability.”

Our initial allocation sold out within days and we immediately put in a request with the importer for dibs on any additional cases that made it to the US. We just found out that because of our past support of the winemaker, our request was granted. The importer put aside 5 cases, the last we’ll get of this vintage, just for us.  The wine’s arrival is timely.  The Danjean pairs well with either ham or lamb, making it an ideal addition to your Easter dinner table.

Danjean-Berthoux Bourgogne Rouge 2010 ($17.50/$14.88 for 12 bottles or more). To reserve yours call us at (718) 797-9463.

Greene GrapeThe Brief but Heralded Return of a Store Favorite