Weingut Buchegger Riesling Loessterrassen 2010

We’ve been biding our time, waiting for the just the right day to unveil a light, refreshing Austrian wine we scored at 1/3 off.  We couldn’t have imagined that the first week of spring would present us with a bounty of beautiful days to choose from.  Join us this Friday, March 24 from 6-8pm to sample it at our weekly wine tasting!

Our wine buyer, Mike, is a little obsessed with Austrian wines and browses importer catalogs like Warren Buffett looks at balance sheets, always with an eye towards value. Recently, Mike spotted a closeout of Weingut Buchegger Riesling Lossterrassen 2010 at an unbelievable price.  After tasting, he decided to go big on a buy and called the importer to see if we could do even better on price for you but were told ‘no way.’  Turns out Mike’s spider sense was tingling for a reason – at its current price, the importer is losing money on the wine.

The producer, Weingut Buchegger, focuses on classic Austrian varieties from the prestigious region of Kremstal.  A dry riesling, this bracing, fresh wine with notes of peach, apple and hints of lime would pair beautifully with a spring meal of sautéed scallops and fresh green salad.  We’ve got 13 cases in stock and only a few more bottles available at the importer.

We’re happy to pass along the savings of over 30 percent to you and offer this spectacular riesling at $16.50 ($14.02 a bottle in a mixed or whole case).  Compare that to the Austrian rieslings of similar quality we usually have in the $20+ range. To order, call us at (718) 797-9463.

Greene GrapeWeingut Buchegger Riesling Loessterrassen 2010