Holy Kakow Chocolate Syrup

Finally! A chocolate syrup that’s as good for you as it tastes! Made in small batches  with entirely organic ingredients, from single origin Peruvian cocoa powder, to organic coconut oil, this syrup is delicious in and on just about everything.  Aside from the obvious additions to milk and ice cream, try it as a dessert garnish or in your morning coffee. We love combining all three: a shot of Oslo espresso, a splash of Demerara Distillery rum, a scoop of Phin & Phebes Vanilla-Cinnamon ice cream,  and a slathering of Holy Kakow Chocolate Syrup (11.5oz, $6.49 ); a divine dessert that’s a bite of heaven in a bowl.

Greene GrapeHoly Kakow Chocolate Syrup