Pasta with a Purpose

When you crave a bowl of pasta, go beyond the usual white spaghetti and try our new batch of Community Grains.  Fusilli and Conchiglie, spirals and shells, respectively, are the perfect shapes for grabbing onto your favorite sauces. Made from 100% whole grain Amber Durum and Red Winter Wheat, they are made in small batches using traditional brass dies, and slowly dried to maintain a delicate texture not usually found with whole grain pastas.

Not only do Community Grains pastas taste good, but they’re made with wheat grown in California, where the producers actively seek out mid-sized producers to grow and mill their grains. They also employ a committee of nutritional scientists who study the components and health benefits of wheat, and create recipes that highlight the unique flavors of their products.  Their web site is loaded with information about whole grains and their community.

Greene GrapePasta with a Purpose