Take Home Some Grady’s Cold Brew

Despite the mild winter we know that a lot of our customers like their iced coffee year-round, so does a good number of our staff.  We would never dissuade you from coming in and grabbing some Stumptown or Blue Bottle cold brew, but sometimes us coffee fiends need a fix and don’t have a chance to get to our caffeine dealer.  Luckily there is Grady’s Cold Brew a Williamsburg based company that brews and bottles cold brew concentrate that you can keep handy in case of caffeine emergencies.  Grady’s is a New Orleans style blend that comes in a 32oz glass bottle and makes 8 cups of coffee, iced or hot.  The formula is pretty straightforward, add equal parts Grady’s Cold Brew and water or milk over ice and you are ready to go.  Come grab a bottle of Grady’s from our beverage case.

Greene GrapeTake Home Some Grady’s Cold Brew