Notes from Fort Cheese

Every few weeks, one of us mongers venture up to our GreenMarket to collect a few of Cato Corner‘s wheels, so that we can have their amazing raw milk creations every day of the week. This past weekend, we were lucky to get our hands on 2 of our favorite varieties. Dutch Farmstead is a raw young-gouda style, with a nice punchy tang and amazing for sandwiches. And Hooligan is a tiny stinker, a raw milk washed rind that’s barely legal at just over 60 days, still moist and supple, with lots of barnyardy aroma.

Our newest Swiss cheese, Challerhocker, is an intense melter, nutty and salty and totally tasty. We’ve also brought back Bleu de Basques, a sheep blue from the French Basques region, which is on the milder side, firm enough to be sliced, and is stupendous with The Stand’s Apple Calvados Jam. And from the French Alps, we were able to score a tiny wedge of raw Beaufort at an amazing price.

On the meat end of our counter, we’ve got an amazing new product from La Quercia: Tamworth Prosciutto. Full of caramelized and nutty undertones, this prosciutto is truly something special. Ask us for a taste!

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