Meatballs, Terrines, Corned Beef, Oh My!

Winter time means comfort food, and our butchers have been hard at work creating a range of meat dishes, for you to cook at home,  re-heat, or enjoy as is!  If your appetizers need a little boost, try a shmear of Bacon Jam, or our smoky Beet Spread, a tasty combo of sweet beets and smoked duck, pork and chicken.  And the charcuterie counter is hosting two patés, a lamb and pork Country Paté, and a spreadable Cider Braised Rabbit Terrine.

When your entree needs a bit of creativity, we’ve got Rabbit Meatballs which have a little pork, Gruyere cheese, tarragon and mustard, and can be quickly cooked at home and served with many of our fresh vegetables in our produce case.  But if pasta’s on the menu, you can’t go wrong with our 4-Meat Bolognese, made from beef, lamb, veal and pork.  And certainly don’t forget all of our sausages, made in house regularly!

For lunch, we’re excited to share our newest addition to the counter: House made Corned Beef.

All of our meat treats are made from animals raised with care and love at Slope, Arcadian Pastures, and Kinderhook Farms.

Greene GrapeMeatballs, Terrines, Corned Beef, Oh My!