Superbowl Salumi

Whether you’re hosting or attending, everyone will root for a platter of artisan salami.

From San Francisco, Molinari & Sons make our most accessible slicing salamis, peppery sopressata and sweet, fennel-ly finocchiona. Salumeria Biellese, right here in NYC, produces a more refined, all Berkshire pork product, and we’ve got a sweet and picante sopressata, and their spicy chorizo sticks.

Don’t want to take sides? Utah’s Creminelli makes whole mini salamis in a variety of flavors: plain, black truffle, spicy, Barolo wine.

If charcuterie is more your game, we carry many cured meats from La Quercia, based in Iowa. Aging only heritage breeds, with cuts such as Prosciuttos, and Coppas, LQ slices are sweet and silky. Imported Serrano Ham, Jamon Mangalica, an all beef Bresaola, and of course Prosciutto di Parma round out our team of salty yet moist, cured meat.

And if you’re dragging out the grill, don’t forget to visit our meat counter for some of their house made sausages!

Greene GrapeSuperbowl Salumi