Cherish the Old, In with the New

Whether you are planning a festive New Year’s Eve shindig for few or many, don’t forget the cheese! We’ve made sure all of your favorites of 2011 are in stock, such as the luscious triple crème: Brillat Savarin, earthy Brie de Meaux, pungent Meadow Creek Grayson, and of course, the crystaline Vintage Five Year Gouda.

But if you crave something new, this week, we’ve brought in 4 new cheeses from Italy that will make your cheese plate special. Pecorinos Crosta Rossa,  a mellow, grassy number and Vinacce, a brightly colored wine soaked wheel are two very unique versions of Italian sheep’s cheeses. Cow and goat are represented as well, with Blu Vin Santo, a mild blue soaked in “Holy Wine,” and Fiacco di Capra, a goat’s milk Taleggio.

On the homefront, we’ve got Utah’s Tea Hive, a cheddar with a tea-rubbed rind, California, San Andreas, a rustic raw sheep’s milk, with very floral and fresh butter notes, and Vermont represents with a rare hard wheel from Lazy Lady called Mixed Emotions, an organic cow-goat tomme, which shows off the lush summer grasses and the earthiness of cave aging.

Ask for a taste, and have a wonderful 2012!
Greene GrapeCherish the Old, In with the New