Get Fresh With Us

If you’ve been shopping with us for some time now, you may have noticed a few new names of producers on many of our fresh cheeses. We are particularly excited about new cheeses from Maplebrook Fine Cheese, a producer based in Bennington, Vermont, that uses all natural milk from small family farms in Vermont.

We’re excited to be using their fresh curd to make our own home made mozzarella. The balls melt beautifully and taste like pure, fresh milk. We make them fresh several times a week. If you follow us on twitter @GGProvisions you’ll know exactly when the next batch is ready!

We also have Ciliegene from Maplebrook, which are cherry size balls of mozzarella that are perfect for salads or easy pasta dishes, as well as a smoked mozzarella, which have been smoked over cherry wood chips, for a slightly sweet, smoky flavor. These amazing melters can turn ordinary potatoes into a gratin that will make your apartment smell like a country house fireplace. Their cow’s milk feta is creamy-crumbly, with a touch of sea salt. And their burrata, the mother of all mozzarella, is out of this world. This is a mozzarella with a secret. Burrata is a ball of thinly stretched mozzarella, surrounding a core of shredded mozzarella curd with the addition of heavy cream. Maplebrook employs a native of Puglia with 25 years of cheesemaking experience, to bring you the freshest possible burrata available here in the US.

We are very happy to share it all with you.
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