Master Stock from AgroDolce

We’re thrilled this cool little product ended up in the national newsletter for Tasting Table.  And just in time for holiday cooking season.  The recipe for Master Stock originates from China and contains a mix of soy sauce, yellow rock sugar and Shaoxing Rice Wine that is boiled and infused with fresh garlic and ginger and a  mix of exotic spices.  Both slightly sweet and slightly salty, it is recommended for use in braise chicken, duck, beef, ox-tail, lamb and pork.

According to Prue Barrett, the Australian master chef who created it: “unlike other stocks and sauces, it’s not discarded after use. It’s simply boiled, strained and frozen for the next time. So while the meat absorbs the flavors of the stock, the meat also imparts its own flavor into the stock making it more rich and complex with each use.”


Greene GrapeMaster Stock from AgroDolce