Celebrate Pumpkin Season at Greene Grape Provisions

The unmistakable chill of the season has set itself up on the city, and there’s nothing quite as comforting as the flavor of Pumpkin at this time of year. We at Provisions have sought the various avenues that creative artisans across the country have found to celebrate everyone’s favorite glowing gourd.

Co-op Sauce’s Too Hot Jack-O-Lantern Sauce ($5.49) hails to us from Chicago where Chef Mike Bancroft combines chocolate, habenero chiles, and roasted pumpkin, for a savory mole with a mouth tingling sizzle, that’s sure to heat you through.

To add a seasonal earthiness to your next salad, why not substitute Stony Brook Pumpkin Seed Oil ($14.49) in the place of your ordinary EVOO? Made purely with pumpkin seeds (no grapeseed or olive oil to dilute the flavor), this oil is naturally high in Omega 6 fatty acids and is produced by our upstate neighbors in Geneva, New York.

Greene GrapeCelebrate Pumpkin Season at Greene Grape Provisions