Avery Salvation

As part of NYC Craft Beer Week we are featuring Avery Brewing of Colorado.  For all Beer Week Passport holders we are offering 10% off all large format Avery beers.  One of these being Avery Salvation, a Belgian Strong Golden Ale which is a lighter take on a Belgian pale ale.  Golden ale is based on a similar brewing process as Abbey ales but uses different yeast strains to give it a lighter color and body.  Don’t let the lighter appearance and flavor of golden ale fool you it is still bottle conditioned, which gives it a high alcohol content ranging from 6%-9% ABV.    Salvation contains a balanced array of fruit flavors including banana, peach, and apple as well has a bready yeast aroma.  While the alcohol is upfront it is smoothed out by a slightly sweet after taste with a hint of pepper on the finish.  Golden ale tends to complement most food due to it’s light body, though it is a great companion for a spicy dish due to the refreshing fruit flavors and slight hop bite.

Salvation is a great American take on this classic and very popular style.  Highly recommend for fans of the more popular Belgian brands and also perfect for sharing with your less adventurous friends who need a gateway beer to show them the way.  We all need a little Salvation.  

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