Arregi Txakolina 2010

Try the world’s most refreshing wine tonight, Friday July 22 from 6-8pm at the wine store, 765 Fulton in Fort Greene.

A hard to pronounce but unforgettable wine!  It’s no wonder that every summer we sell out of our allotment of Arregi Txakolina.  Bracing, fresh and slightly fizzy, this white wine from the Basque region of Spain is an ideal cure for the dog days of summer. Even more fun is to try the flourished pour typical of tapas bars in the hills surrounding the bays of the Basque coast.  With the bottle held up high (even above the shoulder), this wine is poured into a flat bottom glass in small amounts in order to maximize its refreshing effervescence.

Check out a demonstration of the high pour here!  Please DO try this at home.

Arregi Txakolina 2010 ($18), order online or call us at (718) 797-9463 and get your wine delivered locally in 30 minutes or less.

Greene GrapeArregi Txakolina 2010