Thurnhof Lagrein Merlau 2009

Taste the NY Times’s ‘Best of Tasting’ Lagrein at the wine store tonight, Friday June 24 from 6-8pm along with Sapore del Piave cheese from Provisions.

A month ago, the New York Times wine column raved about Lagrein, “a red grape that can produce fresh, aromatic, highly seductive wines,” that “can be deliciously plummy, earthy and chewy, dark and full-bodied but not heavy, with a pronounced minerally edge.”  As if that didn’t have our mouths watering, they described the wine they selected as ‘Best of Tasting’ – Thurnhof Merlau Lagrein 2009 ($20) – as “bright, refreshing, minerally and delicate, with long, lingering flavors.”  Then, the kicker.  The Thurnhof was not yet available in the US.

Undeterred, we’ve been tracking the Thurnhof’s progress on its journey across the ocean and are happy to announce it has finally hit our shores. Of course with the NY Times rave review, the entire shipment was scooped up immediately but we’re excited to announce that we threw some elbows and managed to get 15 cases of the Thurnhof Lagrein ($20, $17 each for 12 bottles or more) for our customers.  This is a limited offer, first come, first served and when we’re out, we’re out.  To reserve yours, call us at (718) 797-9463.

Greene GrapeThurnhof Lagrein Merlau 2009