We’ve Got Moxie!

New in the beverage case are some classic sodas!  All of which are now produced with pure cane sugar and natural ingredients.

Moxie was developed by Dr. Augustin Thompson in Maine in 1884.  It was advertised as a “therapeutic nerve tonic elixir” that could cure paralysis and softening of the brain.  Moxie is not too sweet and some could say it is a tad bitter.  We can’t guarantee it will help with your softening brain but we can account for it’s delicious and nostalgic flavor!

Also in the case we now carry:

Bubble Up-The original lemon-lime soda, introduced 10 years before 7-Up.

NuGrape-A grape soda first bottled in Atlanta in 1921.

Nesbitt’s-An orange soda that originated in California, Marilyn Monroe was their poster girl before her rise to stardom!

Greene GrapeWe’ve Got Moxie!