Spring is RAMP-ing up

Produce reports that ramps are in season and in stock in the produce case.

Ramps are wild onions, sometimes called wild leeks. Their appearance in forests is a harbringer of spring in the countryside and their appearance in our produce case is the city equivalent. In the picture at left you can see that the bulbs are similar to those of scallions but ramps are distinguished by their large, flat broad leaves.

Both the bulbs and leaves of ramps are edible. The flavor of ramps is something in between onion and garlic with the leaves having lighter more gentle flavor than the bulbs. They can be used as a substitute in any recipe that calls for leek or scallion. A classic dish is scrambled eggs with ramps. Simply saut√© the diced bulbs and stems of approximately 15 ramps in butter or oil until tender then add chopped ramp leaves and saute until slightly wilted. Add four whisked eggs and scramble in your normal fashion. We’ve also added asparagus – steamed and chopped or just chopped and sauteed longer – at the same time as the ramp greens. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate spring.

Greene GrapeSpring is RAMP-ing up

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