Humanely Raised Veal

Just yesterday Terry and his butcher staff got a delivery of whole pastured veal and they’ve already broken it down and turned it into some exciting new additions to the meat case.

Try The Currant Event, a veal sausage made with fresh veal, heritage pork, dried currants and cranberries, smoked paprika and a little whole grain mustard. He’s also made meatballs with ground veal and heritage pork with lots of fresh herbs, garlic, onion and Pecorino cheese.  Other cuts and stew meat are available, just stop by the butcher counter and ask!

We are committed to only offering pastured, humanely-raised veal.  Humanely raised veal means that the calves were free to roam, never tethered or raised in confinement and were never administered growth hormones or antibiotics.  Our veal comes from Slope Farms in upstate New York.

Greene GrapeHumanely Raised Veal

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