Pradeaux Rosé 2009

If you want to at least pretend it’s summer, look to Eric Asimov’s recent write up of rosé wines, “A Rosé Can Bloom in Winter, Too”.  He’s right about their ability to pair with food.   We’re also of the opinion that wine’s ability to transport you via your senses should definitely be used to further escapism, especially in these wintry months with the city looking like a bakery window with everything schmeared in frosting.  Sip our Chateau Pradeaux Bandol Rosé 2009, which Asimov calls “one of the greatest rosés in the world” and “deep and complex” and imagine yourself lolling in the hills of Bandol in Provence in August listening to the buzzing of the cigales, looking up at the shooting stars of the Perseides and inhaling the lovely scent of lavender and garrigue.

Greene GrapePradeaux Rosé 2009