Meet Your (Port) Maker!

We’re thrilled to welcome Joao Roseira, winemaker and owner of Infantado Ports, to the wine store from 5-7pm tonight, Friday, November 12.  Joao will be pouring his ruby, tawny and vintage 2004 ports for your tasting pleasure and Provisions will be providing blue cheese samples to pair.  Ports make a great after dinner drink especially around the holidays.

Since we opened, we’ve carried Infantado ports.  The first estate-bottled port producer in the Douro, Infantado has blazed a trail for independent port producers and is creating a whole new heritage and legacy.  Their ruby port shows dark, rich plum-like flavors and an elegant touch of sweetness.  The tawny brings nice nuttiness and flavors of chocolate and tobacco.  And the delicious 2004 vintage port drinks like a fine wine with layers and depth.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Joao and hear what goes into crafting such high quality ports.

Greene GrapeMeet Your (Port) Maker!

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