Iced Iced Coffee

We’re entering a new era in the coffee bar with cold-brewed Stumptown coffee available now as our iced coffee.  Made from the Hairbender blend, which is our most popular Stumptown blend by the pound, cold-brewed iced coffee takes more time to make but the benefits in taste are worth it.

There are two ways to make iced coffee.  Brewing coffee in the regular manner and then pouring it over ice or cold brewing.  Pouring hot brewed coffee over ice can dilute the coffee and may produce bitter notes, which is why we switched to cold brew.  By cold brewing, we coarsely grind the best beans and soak them overnight.  This produces a strong coffee syrup full of flavor but without bitter notes that come from heating.  Try it, we think you’ll taste a world of difference.

Greene GrapeIced Iced Coffee