For a Less Boring Burger

As featured in the New York Times this past week, we have Sir Kensington ketchup on the condiment shelves.  Florence Fabricant called it “ketchup with a pedigree” and a “really excellent product.”  Her full review:

Sir Kensington’s, with a label that looks as if it belongs in Harrods, is the latest. It comes in a squat jar from which the ketchup can be easily spooned, and though it delivers spice and sweetness in moderation, like Heinz, it is much thicker and has a lustier tomato taste. The spicy version is ruddier and hotter. Brown sugar, agave nectar and honey are the sweeteners.

Gluten-free, the idea for this gourmet ketchup came from two college friends pondering the question of why there were hundreds of different types of mustards, jams, jellies and relishes but only one ketchup.    They had no answer for the question so they did something about it, creating an all-natural, high-fructose corn syrup-free condiment.  This ketchup plus Brooklyn’s Best Burger’s Secret Weapon?  Unstoppable at this year’s NYC Burger Bash!

Greene GrapeFor a Less Boring Burger