Txakolina – A Unique ‘Bracing and Refreshing’ White

Join us at the wine store tonight from 5-7pm and try a Txakolina, a fizzy, fresh white from Spain that was featured in this week’s New York Times along with some tidbits from Provisions. For red lovers, we’ll also uncork Elena Walch’s Schiava 2009 ($17.00), a juicy, lively red from the italian border of Austria that was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Eric Asimov’s Wines of the Times column this week focused on Txakolina wines, refreshing, simple, easy, slightly effervescent wines from Spain. If you’ve tried our Vinho Verde from Casal Garcia ($8.75) and enjoyed that style of bright, fresh, crisp, slightly fizzy white wine from Portugal, you should definitely pick up a bottle of our Alejandro Arregui Mendizabal Txakoli 2009 ($17.50).

Txakolina is meant to be poured from up high to work up a vigorous lather in the glass so you can get the full effect of the tart acidity and slight effervescence. It is an ideal pair with seafood and is ubiquitous on the coast of Spain in August, though in the Northern Spain region where it is from, it is drunk year-round with a variety of dishes. A perfect aperitif to cleanse the palate for a good meal and a fun wine if you can perfect the flourished pour!

Greene GrapeTxakolina – A Unique ‘Bracing and Refreshing’ White