Schoolhouse Kitchen Spreadable Fruit

We are excited to carry Schoolhouse Kitchen’s new Anytime Spreadable Fruit at Provisions.  Schoolhouse Kitchen is a family run business based in Brooklyn that not only creates delicious condiments but also donates part of their profits to a variety of educational programs.  We have always been fans of their Balsamic Vinaigrette, SweetSmoothHot Mustard, and Bardshar Chutney so we are thrilled to carry Schoolhouse’s new line of Spreadable Fruit.  They are a well balanced mix of naturally sweet fruit and herbs making them a perfect pairing for both sweet and savory foods.

After tasting the Cherry Blackberry Sage & Clove one of our employees compared the flavor to a Thanksgiving pie.  Since the spread relies on the fruits natural sugar it is not too sweet and blends perfectly with the cloves and sage. Schoolhouse suggests pairing with roast beef, muffins, or a triple creme brie.   For their Strawberry Black Peppercorn we suggest pairing with Miticabra or Blue Ledge Farm’s Camembrie.

Greene GrapeSchoolhouse Kitchen Spreadable Fruit