Rosé Wine Tasting Tonight 5-7pm

Every Memorial Day weekend, we do a rose tasting. If wines can have personalities, roses are sunny, happy wines that make the perfect summer party guests. They mingle nicely with almost every food and even the most expensive non-sparkling roses run only $50 at the so there’s no fear of wine snobbery ruining a party.

Friday from 5-7pm you can try five of our roses side-by-side and see which one you prefer. The folks from Fort Cheese at Provisions will bring along two goat cheeses to accompany the wines and this weekend only if you buy 6 or more wines, you can take 10% off.

Join us at the tasting for a roaring good time. We’ll be pouring:

Paumanok Dry Rose 2009 ($19.25) – beautiful, light, local rose from the North Fork.

Chateau de Roquefort Corail Rose 2009 ($17.50) – Provence rose with light red fruits and delicious acidity from a classic French rose region.

Il Mimo Rosato 2009 ($17.00) – big juicy Italian wine from the Piemonte region made with the lofty nebbiolo grape. A red wine drinker’s rose.

Pannonhalmi Apatsagi Rose 2009 ($13.00) – lighter, easy-drinking rose from the lesser known wine producing country of Hungary.

Nigl Zweigelt Rose 2009 ($20.50) – complex and refreshing, with red fruits and herbal notes from a renowned Austrian producer.

Remember with every receipt from Provisions for $10 or more, you can take 5% off your wine purchase.

Greene GrapeRosé Wine Tasting Tonight 5-7pm

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