Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Scoops

We’re scooping Van Leeuwen Ice Cream in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and coffee plus a sorbet from Blue Moon Sorbets at the coffee bar.

Brooklyn-based, Van Leeuwen starts with pure Hudson Valley milk and mixes in all natural ingredients. For their vanilla, they use whole vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract. Their strawberry contains small, juicy strawberries flavorful enough to allowing them to forego use of any additional sweeteners or flavors. Michel Cluizel chocolate made without the addition of soy lechithin forms the base of their delicious rich chocolate ice cream. None of their ice creams have stabilizers, preservatives or unnatural emulsifiers.

We’ve also got pints from Van Leeuwen and Blue Moon in the frozen food case. Enjoy!

Greene GrapeVan Leeuwen Ice Cream Scoops

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