La Quercia Prosciutto & Speck

Join us at the Brooklyn wine store tonight from 5-7pm when we taste prosciutto americano and speck from La Quercia, a producer from Norwalk, Iowa. Remember with any receipt from Greene Grape Provisions for $10 or more, you can take 5% off your wine purchase.

Herb and Kathy Eckhouse make an amazing dry-cured salumi using only humanely-raised, antibiotic-free hogs. No nitrates, no preservatives, just quality meat, salt, spices and time. Their products have been celebrated by renowned chefs including local ones like Danny Meyer and Mario Batali.

Prosciutto is simply salted, dried ham that is traditionally sliced thin and served uncooked. The most famous italian prosciutto originates in Parma. La Quercia makes what they call “Prosciutto Americano.” Prepared using the traditional method of salting and drying, we think it has a slightly drier texture, and a richer, porkier taste, than the traditional Parma version.

Speck ham originated in the Alto Adige region straddling Italy and Austria. There it is flavored with juniper, then salt-cured and smoked. La Quercia puts its own spin on this traditional charcuterie by using nothing more than meat and sea salt with a light applewood smoke at the end and curing it for 8-10 months.

Consider these as appetizers, we’ll soon be getting in La Quercia’s Rossa, heirloom prosciutto made with 100% Berkshire pork.

Greene GrapeLa Quercia Prosciutto & Speck