Brunello-Worthy Burgers

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When we tried to think of an ideal food pairing for staff favorite wine Vitanza Brunello 2003 ($39), we never thought a burger would rise to the challenge. That is until we tried the special blends Andres the Butcher has been experimenting with in anticipation of summer grilling season. This weekend he will feature two of his premium blends – one with dry-aged steak and one with short rib and bacon. The short rib is smoky and rich from the bacon and the dry-aged steak defies burger expectations – addition of dry-aged steak to the blend is the same method used by top restaurants to create their signature burgers. Now you can make your own at home!

Because of Mike making a smart buy on the Vitanza Brunello di Montalcino 2003, we are able to offer it to you for less than we used to be able to buy it wholesale and $20 less than the 2004 vintage, which isn’t drinking as well now as the 2003. From Sangiovese grapes, this big italian red has notes of dried fruits, plums and tobacco with ample tannin softened by age. Definitely worth a splurge!

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